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15th April

April 14, Maritime History, RMS Titanic

Although it has been over 100 years since RMS Titanic set sail her story still endures, capturing hearts and minds throughout the world. 

As our coverage of the anniversary of Titanic's sinking draws to a close, we recount our commemorative evening A Night To Remember, and look at the great liner's final moments with the man who discovered her wreck, Dr. Robert Ballard, and Titanic experts Tim Maltin and Paul Louden-Brown.

A Night To Remember at Titanic Belfast

Guests were welcomed on board SS Nomadic to wonderful live music from Ards CCE Group, as they sipped warm cider ahead of meeting Captain Boitard, who was in charge of transferring first and second class passengers to Titanic in Cherbourg.

Moving through the Titanic Experience guests encounter a young boy waiting for his ‘da’ outside the Harland and Wolff gates, who tell us about the biggest ship in the world – “They called it 401...I thought that was a funny name for a ship!”

Thomas Andrews rounds the corner, bringing us into his office where bundles of rolled up drawings are strewn across his desk. He tells us about how exciting it is to work on Titanic's plans saying, “It’s all about the detail!”

Exiting the shipyard, guests catch a worker having a smoke on his lunch break, who boasts that he’s the “best riveter in the yard” before rushing off back to work.

The journey continues through Titanic’s Maiden Voyage, meeting characters such as JJ Astor's 19yr old wife Madeleine, a waiter from the Palm Court CafĂ© and 'the Unsinkable Molly Brown', before Chaplain Chris Bennett brings the focus back to present day, looking out over the slipways to end the tour.

Guests enjoyed drinks in the atrium as they reflected on stories throughout the evening, which ended with a candle lighting ceremony marking 11.40pm – the time the ship collided with the iceberg.

As the world awoke on April 15th 1912 to news of the disaster, we today remember those who lost their lives with this short film.


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