Junior Explorer Zac Reviews Sunday Afternoon Tea

17th April

Afternoon Tea, Junior Explorer

Our Junior Explorer, Zac Parker, aged 10 from Comber, came along to Titanic Belfast recently to review our Sunday Afternoon Tea! Have a read about what he thought...

Titanic Belfast Junior Explorer Zac Parker at Afternoon Tea

Firstly Zac, tell us who you brought along to help you review our Sunday Afternoon Tea and what did you do to prepare for your visit?

I brought my mum, my dad, my brother Josh and brother Finn. We all got dressed up in smart clothes and made sure we did not have too much lunch so we were hungry!

Tell us how you felt when you got here?

I felt so excited to enter the Titanic Suite and loved walking on the red carpet. The staircase was the best bit though, I really felt like I was on the real Titanic - we all got our photo taken!

What did you think of the menu at Afternoon Tea?

The food was nice and it looked very fancy, but the drinks were the best - I tried them all! My mum loved the sandwiches and champagne and my dad liked the sweets and the music. They both loved the Titanic tea in the nice tea pots!

Was there anything else you enjoyed about your visit?

The staff looked very smart - they looked just like the staff on the real ship! The lady who looked after us was very funny, and she was good at making sure we had everything we needed.

Junior Explorer Zac at Sunday Afternoon Tea

Finally, would you recommend Sunday Afternoon Tea for other children…or would you change anything?!

I would recommend Sunday Afternoon Tea to all my friends at Killinchy Primary School! The only thing I would change is to add jelly and ice cream to the kids menu!


Find out more about our Sunday Afternoon Tea and book now to meet us at the staircase! 

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