9 Things To Do Before 9!

24th August

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Are you an early morning person? Like to be up and at 'em?

Check out our list of 9 things to see and do in the area before 9am!

1. Watch the Cruise Ships Dock​​

It’s quite the spectacle seeing the huge cruise ships sail in to dock on the far side of Belfast Lough! With the ever increasing number of cruise ships coming to Belfast, you could be lucky enough to spot one docking at around 8am!

Cruise Ships

2. Walk Along Titanic’s Promenade Deck

As you walk down the slipways, explore the life size plan of Titanic’s Promenade Deck - inlaid in white stone, outlining where the liner’s lifeboats, funnels and benches would have been positioned on-board.

Titanic Slipways

3. Visit the Memorial Garden

View the memorial garden, where four grass lawns alternate with timber decking to illustrate the proportion of Titanic’s victims and survivors from each of the passenger classes and crew, in the morning silence.

Titanic Belfast

4. Watch the Sunrise Over Iconic Buildings

Catch the sun rising over Titanic Quarter, one of the world’s largest urban-waterfront regeneration projects, as it illuminates the quarter’s iconic sights - Titanic Belfast, SS Nomadic, the famous barrel-vaulted Harland & Wolff Drawing Offices and those legendary landmarks Samson and Goliath!

Sunrise at Titanic Quarter
Photo: Sharon Cuatriz

5. Travel The Map

Follow the route of RMS Titanic around the plaza surrounding Titanic Belfast, on one of the largest maps of the Northern Hemisphere at 10,000 m2!

Titanic Belfast Plaza

6. Watch the Seagulls Feast on the Slipways

Ever noticed the blue-black mussel shells scattered all around the slipways? Watch the seagulls as they tuck into their morning feast, uniquely shelling the mussels by smashing them on the ground! 

Titanic Belfast

7. Hear SS Nomadic’s Bellowing Horn 

Every day the last remaining White Star vessel’s horn sounds to mark the start of the business day. If you’re one of the first visitors on the ship, you may even get the chance to do the honours! 

SS Nomadic and Titanic Belfast

8. Snap a Selfie with Charlie Chaplin

Pose for a photo with the unique Charlie Chaplin silhouette between SS Nomadic and the Dock Café. Chaplin was one of Nomadic’s most famous passengers, stepping on-board in 1952 as he returned to England for the first time in 20 years for the world premiere of his latest film!  

Chris Bennett and Charlie Chaplin
Photo: Chris Bennett

9. Discover the Full Titanic Story

Make use of Titanic Belfast’s Early Riser Savings offer to explore the 9 interactive galleries of the Titanic Experience, delve deeper into the shipyard, walk the decks, travel to the depths of the ocean and uncover the true legend of Titanic, in the city where it all began.  

Titanic Experience


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