Junior Explorers Enjoy A Magical Christmas Experience!

15th December

Junior Explorer, Magical Christmas Experience

Our Junior Explorers got into the festive spirit at Titanic Belfast this month as they reviewed our Magical Christmas Experience!

Have a read about what they got up to...

Titanic Belfast Junior Explorer Matthew with Father Christmas

Name: Matthew Curry

Age: 7

From: Waringstown

Junior Explorer Eimear enjoys a Magical Christmas Experience at Titanic Belfast

Name: Eimear Fallon

Age: 9

From: West Belfast

We were really excited to have you visit our Magical Christmas Experience! Describe how you felt and what you saw when you arrived?!

Eimear: I felt excited to see the Titanic building with all the Christmas lights and couldn’t wait to meet Father Christmas. It felt very different to the Titanic Tour because it was all lit up and felt very Christmassy! The choir was singing Christmas carols and everyone was singing along. We went up the escalator and it felt very magical.

Matthew: The first thing you see when you arrive is the large Titanic sign lit up with Christmas lights. All of the inside is also covered and they have an amazing chandelier hanging from the ceiling. There were a lot of elves waiting to meet us and lead us to the Magical Christmas Experience. This was very Christmassy and made you believe it was like the North Pole!

Tell us what activities you enjoyed before going in to visit Father Christmas?

Matthew: We made badges with the elves - the elf who helped us was called Nicky Nicky Ninedoors!!! We also wrote our letters to Father Christmas and posted them, and then wrote a wish and hung it on the wishing tree. Finally before getting to meet Father Christmas we had to go to the elves at the Naughty/Nice list and see which list our names was on. Both my sister and I were on the Nice list so we got to meet Father Christmas!

Eimear: I enjoyed writing my letter to Father Christmas and posting it - I even got a reply the very next day saying that the elves were making me something very special!  I also enjoyed making the badges, I would love one of these machines. There was a very big countdown clock and one of the elves told us all about it.  

Junior Explorer Eimear Fallon at Titanic Belfast's Magical Christmas Experience

What happened when you were called to see Father Christmas?!

Eimear: We heard our names being called out and we went to meet one of Father Christmas’ elves called Pixie Sparklenose and check that we were on the 'Nice' list! We made a wish on the wishing step and it started to snow! I cannot tell you what I wished for as it would not come true!!! Twinkle Toes called us to go in and we talked to Father Christmas and he gave us presents. My mum took lots of photos and I even got a selfie!

What did you ask Father Christmas for?!

Eimear: I asked Father Christmas for things to do with Harry Potter and lots of books. He told me the elves are working on this already but I had to promise to be good for my Mum and Dad!

Matthew: I asked Father Christmas for a bike, a Liverpool Goalkeeper Kit and Fifa 17!

Did you have a favourite part of the Magical Christmas Experience?

Matthew: My favourite part of the experience was getting to meet Father Christmas as a VIP! This made me feel very special and we got to talk to him and sing some Christmas songs!

Junior Explorer Matthew Curry at Titanic Belfast's Magical Christmas Experience

Tell us about who came to our Magical Christmas Experience with you...

Eimear: I went with my mum, brother and sister. My Mum loved all the Christmas lights especially the chandelier. My sister liked playing the wooden four in a row, and my brother liked the countdown clock. There was something for everyone including stories, writing letters, making badges and building blocks!

Matthew: I went with my mum and sister. My little sister enjoyed meeting the elves, especially Nicky Nicky Ninedoors. She also liked getting to check if our names were on the 'Nice' list and he also really loved the teddy that Father Christmas gave her!

Finally, would you recommend the experience…?

Matthew: I would definitely recommend Titanic Belfast's Magical Christmas Experience as it is very magical and the elves are really funny. There were also lots of fun Christmas activities to do before you met Father Christmas.

Eimear: I would recommend the Christmas Experience to all children. It was very special to see the Titanic building at Christmas time - it put me in the mood for Christmas! 


Find out more about our Magical Christmas Experience and book now to make memories to last a lifetime! 


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