Real Titanic Love Story Descendant Visits Titanic Belfast

7th December

Love Stories, Titanic Passengers, Visitors Beverley Roberts, descendant of real life Titanic love story, visits Titanic Belfast

To mark the 20th anniversary of the launch of TITANIC: The Movie, Beverley Roberts, a descendant from one of the real love stories on board, travelled to Titanic Belfast to join the celebrations!

The story of Titanic has captured hearts and minds worldwide, arguably none more so than the love story between Kate and Leo’s Jack and Rose in James Cameron’s TITANIC movie. Despite being based on fictional characters, the 1997 classic is still listed as one of the best love stories of all time.

Beverley’s great-grandparents, Kate Florence Philips and Henry Morley, had a true love affair and was potentially the inspiration behind the ‘Heart of the Ocean’ story line.

Beverley explained, “My great grandmother, Kate eloped with the owner of the shop she worked for when she was only 19. He was 20 years her senior with a wife and child. They left for America to start a new life together. Henry, gave her a sapphire diamond necklace set in platinum, called the ‘Love of the Sea’, which she wore proudly on board Titanic. Henry did not survive the tragedy; however, Kate got onboard a lifeboat and brought the necklace with her. She gave birth to Henry’s daughter, Ellen, a few months later, who was my grandmother. So whether it was the inspiration for the movie or not, there was a diamond and sapphire necklace on board that fateful night.”

Want to know more about the real-life love stories on board RMS Titanic?! Take a look here!

Beverley visited Titanic Belfast as part of our TITANIC Movie Month from 19th November – 19th December. Come along and join in the celebrations by creating your own movie magic moments, or watch the film in style by the Grand Staircase at our Titanic Tea and Movie Experience

​Plus..those named 'Jack' or 'Rose' (and variations thereof) GO FREE! 

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