Junior Explorer Blog: A Magical Christmas Experience

13th December

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Our Junior Explorers got into the festive spirit at Titanic Belfast this month as they reviewed our Magical Christmas Experience!

Have a read about what they got up to...

Titanic Belfast Junior Explorer Zac Parker

Name: Zac Parker

Age: 10

From: Comber

Titanic Belfast Junior Explorer Anna Murray

Name: Anna Murray

Age: 7

From: Ballymena


We were really excited to have you visit our Magical Christmas Experience! Tell us who you brought with you and describe how you felt when you arrived?!

Zac: I brought my mum, my dad, my two brothers and myself! I felt really excited because I had no idea what it was going to be like!

Anna: I brought along my mummy and daddy and my best friend Anna Hickey. I loved being able
to bring Anna with me! We were so excited when we entered the magical experience. I got a funny feeling in my tummy.

Tell us your 3 favourite parts of A Magical Christmas Experience?


  1. Seeing Father Christmas!
  2. Finding the reindeer and the Elves.
  3. Writing my letter to Father Christmas.


  1. Listening to Mrs Claus read stories. She was really friendly and made us laugh.
  2. Making a wish and hanging it on the Wishing Tree.
  3. Seeing Father Christmas, he definitely was the real Father Christmas. He smelled like the North Pole!​

Junior Explorers Review A Magical Christmas Experience


What was your parents favourite bit of the Experience?

Zac: They liked the stories with Mrs Claus and the shortbread!

Anna: Mummy and daddy’s favourite part was seeing Anna and I so excited. Mummy particularly loved the Naughty and Nice list. Daddy loved the shortbread!


What happened when you were called to see Father Christmas?!

Zac: The elves checked if we were on the Nice list, then told us to make a last wish, then it snowed!

Anna: Anna and I went and sat on Father Christmas’ lap. He sang us a song in our ear and made us laugh a lot and he already knew our names!

Junior Explorers Review A Magical Christmas Experience


What did you ask Father Christmas for?!

Zac: I asked for cricket equipment.

Anna: I asked Father Christmas for a keyboard as I have started playing the piano and a few surprises.


Finally, would you recommend A Magical Christmas Experience…or would you change anything?!

Zac: I would recommend this to all families with a child under 12 and I wouldn't change anything!

Anna: I would change nothing, I loved it all! Everyone was so friendly and so kind. Anna and I had so much fun together. We loved when we wished for snow and it started to snow on us. Magical.


Find out more about our Magical Christmas Experience and book now to make memories to last a lifetime! 


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