Titanic Belfast Says ‘Hello & Welcome’ To William Harland!

16th February

Harland & Wolff, Visitors
Titanic Belfast CEO, Tim Husbands with William Harland

Yesterday we were delighted to welcome William Harland, whose great, great, great, great uncle was owner of the Harland and Wolff Shipyard that built the RMS Titanic, to Northern Ireland to visit Titanic Belfast!

Arriving in the city, William was greeted by the signature ‘H&W’ yellow cranes - abbreviated for his family’s surname, Harland and Wolff, or as locals joke ‘Hello and Welcome', before heading over to visit the attraction. Recently crowned the World’s Leading Tourist Attraction, William got to learn more about not not only Titanic but the city and people that built her - including his great uncle.

The teenager’s great uncle, Edward Harland, was one of the main men behind the RMS Titanic and Belfast’s strong industrial heritage. His name is synonymous with Belfast and his legacy lasts to this day so our staff were thrilled to be able to chat with William! 
Tim Husbands greets William Harland at Titanic Belfast     Tim Husbands with Faye and William Harland at Titanic Belfast

Faye Harland, William’s mother, commented, “William loves everything to do with Titanic and wanted to learn more about his family’s heritage and legacy – where better to do this than Belfast. It was great for him to see and learn first-hand about its shipbuilding and industrial heritage and his family’s role in it.”

Tim Husbands MBE, Chief Executive of Titanic Belfast, said,“At Titanic Belfast, we not only tell the story of how the world’s most famous ship was built, designed and launched, but also the story of Belfast and the personal stories behind it. There are literally thousands of fascinating connections to Titanic but to have one of the Harland family with us is an honour!"

To discover more about the Titanic Story or to walk the historic Slipways where the Olympic class liners were designed, built and launched, explore Titanic Belfast today!

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