Abandon Ship! Titanic Belfast and Survitec Launch New Education Workshop

1st June

Learning, Survitec, Workshops Titanic Belfast in partnership with its education partner, the Survitec Group, today launched its newest education workshop - ‘Abandon Ship’.

Abandon Ship Workshop

The leading manufacturer of marine, defence and aerospace survival technology has been working with Titanic Belfast, the world’s largest Titanic visitor attraction, as its education partner since 2014.

Together, the Survitec Group and Titanic Belfast, have developed a unique and fully interactive education workshop which aims to develop communication, problem-solving, decision-making and innovation skills amongst ‘Titanic’ thinkers.  

‘Abandon Ship’ is targeted at Key Stage 2 & 3 in Northern Ireland and at upper primary and Junior Certificate in the Republic of Ireland. The workshop is designed around a survival scenario in which 3 vessels crossing the Atlantic, along the same route as RMS Titanic, must evacuate into real, inflatable Survitec liferafts.

This workshop is the newest addition to Titanic Belfast’s wide range of education programmes, which cover a variety of subjects and skills, ranging from maritime communication, marine science & exploration to 5 star customer service.

Moya Johnston, Managing Director of Survitec, “Today, we are very proud to be launching our ‘Abandon Ship’ workshop with Titanic Belfast. At Survitec, we are committed to bringing marine safety awareness and survival knowledge to people of all ages. The new workshop really brings learning to life for young people.”

Titanic Belfast’s Chief Executive, Tim Husbands MBE, said “The tragic sinking of RMS Titanicchanged maritime legislation globally, pioneering the importance of safety and survival.  In honour of this, we, in partnership with the Survitec Group, are delighted to launch our unique ‘Abandon Ship’ workshop, which aims to help future generations learn lessons from the tragedy in an innovative and interactive way.”

He continued, “With over 90 years’ experience in personal survival equipment, Survitec’s involvement has been fundamental to the development of the workshop, which brings marine safety awareness and survival knowledge to the fore. It marks another step forward for Titanic Belfast’s education programme, which is recognised as a leading learning resource and has welcomed over 70,000 participants since its opening in 2012.”

Abandon Ship has been approved and tested by Titanic Belfast’s partner schools and can be taken alongside the self-guided gallery experience, be booked as a stand-alone activity, and is being developed as a corporate team building activity. 

For more information see here: Abandon Ship.

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