Junior Explorers Review: The Titanic Experience and SS Nomadic

16th June

Junior Explorer, SS Nomadic, Titanic Experience

Last week we invited our brand new Junior Explorers and their families to visit Titanic Belfast and set them the task of reviewing the Titanic Experience as part of their first visit!

Have a read all about their experience below…

Matthew Curry, Titanic Belfast Junior Explorer

Name: Matthew Curry

Age: 7

From: Waringstown, Craigavon

Eimear Fallon, Titanic Belfast junior Explorer

Name: Eimear Fallon

Age: 9

From: West Belfast

Firstly, tell us how you felt when you arrived at Titanic Belfast for the first time as our brand new Junior Explorer 2017/18!  

Matthew: I felt very excited when I arrived at Titanic Belfast because it was going to be my first time to visit. I felt special because I had won the chance to be the Junior Explorer - as we were driving towards Titanic Belfast I had that funny excited feeling in my tummy!

Eimear: I felt nervous but I was also very excited at the same time. I did not know what to expect but felt very special as I had been chosen to be a Junior Explorer for Titanic. I was also looking forward to seeing inside the Titanic building and exploring it! 

What were you looking forward to most?!

Matthew:  I was looking forward most to the exploration part of the tour because it sounded cool. I was also looking forward to going on SS Nomadic as it is a boat that has survived since the time of the Titanic!

Eimear: I was looking forward to finding out what a Junior Explorer has to do and to seeing Titanic properly for the first time.

Tell us what you saw when you arrived at Titanic Belfast and what you did next…

Eimear: I saw the Titanic building and all the water around the building as well as lots and lots of tourists! There were a lot of buses outside the building and people everywhere were taking photographs. Once we went inside we had to meet Eimear and Phil from Titanic Belfast and then we met with Matthew, the other Junior Explorer. Afterwards we went outside for photographs and Eimear told us lots of facts about Titanic!


Eimear Fallon at Titanic Belfast


Having visitied the Titanic Experience's interactive galleries and SS Nomadic, Titanic's original tender ship, tell us about your three favourite parts?


  1. Exploration of the Titanic Wreck - this part of the tour shows you real life footage of the Titanic lying on the seabed. There is also a floor that you look down into that shows you what the Titanic looks like now. It is a bit scary because it feels like you are in the sea!! 
  2. The Shipyard Ride - this part of the tour was cool. It shows you about how they made Titanic in Belfast and described what it was like being in the tiny holes riveting all day long. It makes you feel like you are in a real shipyard.
  3. Explorer Trail - at the beginning of the tour children get a special map and on your way around you have to find small mascots and tick them off when you find them. If you have found them all by the end of the tour you get a certificate to take home with you!


  1. I loved the 'Fit Out' as I loved to see what the cabins were like and see the differences between how people lived then and how we live today.
  2. I also enjoyed going through the walkway where I heard voices of the Titanic survivors. 
  3. My absolute favourite thing was the SS Nomadic! We met Shannon who told us all about it and then we explored the ship. We saw the luxury toilets, dressed up as crew members, built the model Titanic and saw the Crew space room.

My mum’s favourite part was seeing the interactive video of what was brought on to the Titanic and the passengers that got on and off at each port. My Dad’s favourite part was the shipyard ride because you learnt a lot of facts about Harland & Wolf. My sister and brother also enjoyed steering SS Nomadic!

Matthew Curry at Titanic Belfast

Did you have a ‘take your breath away moment’? If so what was it?

Matthew: There were a few of these! The place where you can hold onto the rail and you feel as if you are on the deck of the Titanic - it was really strange and it made me wonder how they made it vibrate! Also seeing the original slipway where Titanic was built. It was huge and the original tracks used for transporting tools are still there. 

Eimear: My 'take your breath away moment' was when I heard the voices of the survivors of the Titanic as these were the actual people that were on the world’s most luxurious ship. It gave me the shivers! It was also sad to hear what had happened to them that night as so many did not survive.


What was the most interesting thing you learnt during your visit?

Eimear: I learnt that the height of the Titanic building is the same height as the Titanic ship was! When I was on the top floor I could think about what it felt like to be on the Titanic looking out on to the ocean. Also the crew knew everything about Titanic and SS Nomadic! They knew the answers to all our questions and told us lots of interesting facts about both ships.


Tell us what you thought about SS Nomadic…

Matthew: SS Nomadic was very interesting! I especially loved learning about how not only was it used for transporting passengers to Titanic but was also used in World War I and World War II. You can pretend to steer the ship, dress up in costumes, try on lifejackets and also see if you could fit in the crew hatch.

Eimear: I enjoyed hearing about all the things the SS Nomadic did before she came back to Belfast. She transported soldiers during the war and had been a restaurant and nightclub. I also loved dressing up as a crew member and in old fashioned clothes.

  Matthew Curry and family on SS Nomadic    Eimear Fallon and family on board SS Nomadic

Find out more about the Titanic Experience and SS Nomadic or come along and explore them for yourself this weekend! 


9/30/2017 3:07:42 AM

Elizabeth Scallan
An amazing review by 2 enthusiastic young people, empathetic, descriptive and fun. I am sure it will encourage other children to visit. What lovely pictures for the family album. Obviously two ground-breaking explorers in the making. Looking forward to more exciting revelations!
6/17/2017 9:07:13 PM

Jacqueline Barr
Brilliant experience for my grandson, he really enjoyed it as did the whole family
6/16/2017 12:57:40 PM

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