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2nd March

Titanic Links, Titanic Passengers, Visitors Anne Fallon, niece of Titanic Passenger Delia Mahon, visits Titanic Belfast
Bridget Delia Mahon, aged 20 from Addergoole in North West Mayo, was one of 14 passengers who boarded RMS Titanic at Queenstown on Thursday 11th April 1912. Last week we were delighted to have Anne Fallon, Delia's niece, visit Titanic Belfast along with her family!

Upon arriving at the attraction Anne was kind enough to chat with our staff, who loved hearing about the fascinating events that led to Delia's decision to emigrate - namely the visit of a girl from the town had previously moved to America.

The lady returned home to visit family in all her finery, telling stories of  the numerous opportunities available in New York where she had a boarding house. So impressed, a group of those in the town including Delia and best friend Annie Kelly - all of whom had limited prospects in Mayo at the time, decided they would make the move to the other side of the world for a new life.
As was tradition at the time for those emigrating, Delia's family threw her an ‘American Wake’ leaving party, as people generally didn't get the chance to return to visit from the US due to the expense. It was said that at the party Delia’s uncle, who was very superstitious, read tea leaves and predicted some sort of tragedy.
Having made the long journey to Queenstown, Delia boarded Titanic as a third class passenger on Ticket 330924, which cost £7, 17s 7d.

It was over a week after Titanic sank before news made it back to the small town that the ship had gone down, with the parish priest breaking the news. Sadly Delia lost her life in the tragedy, with only 3 of the 14 surviving.

Anne Fallon, niece of Titanic passenger Delia Mahon, visits Titanic Belfast    Anne Fallon, with the Fahy family on their visit to Titanic Belfast
Pictured: Anne and family, Fiona and Adrian Fahy with children Kristian and Orlaith, enjoyed the Titanic Experience's Maiden Voyage gallery.

To discover more of the Titanic story visit the Titanic Experience and SS Nomadic - the world's last remaining White Star vessel and the largest Titanic artefact in the world.

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