Junior Explorers Review: Sunday Afternoon Tea

28th March

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We invited our Junior Explorers and their families to visit Titanic Belfast and set them the task of reviewing our special Mother's Day Sunday Afternoon Tea!

Have a read all about their experience below…

Titanic Belfast Junior Explorer Matthew Curry

Name: Matthew Curry

Age: 7

From: Waringstown

Titanic Belfast Junior Explorer Eimear Fallon

Name: Eimear Fallon

Age: 9

From: West Belfast


Firstly, tell us about who you brought along to help you review Sunday Afternoon Tea...

Eimear: I went with my mum, dad, brother and sister! I wore my favourite outfit as it was a special occasion - because it was Mother’s Day, everyone was dressed up. When I got there I didn’t really care about what I was wearing!

Matthew: I brought my mum, dad, sister, granny and granda. 

How did you feel when you arrived at Titanic Belfast?!

Eimear: I knew that it was going to be very grand so I was excited to see what the room and food would be like. This was only my second time having Afternoon Tea but my first at Titanic Belfast. We had to go to the level 5 in a glass lift and then wait until we were brought to the room.

Matthew: I felt very excited and happy about going to have Afternoon Tea. I was excited to see the room we were to eat in and to see all the food brought out on the trays!

Matthew Curry and family enjoy Mother's Day Afternoon Tea at Titanic Belfast

Tell us what you saw when you went into the Titanic Suite for Sunday Afternoon Tea and what you liked best…

Eimear: When we went into the room where the Afternoon Tea was served we saw everything set up magnificently, just like it would have been on the Titanic! I liked the way you didn’t have to order - everything arrived on very pretty plates! Keely was our waitress and she was very, very nice. There was a jazz band playing and a singer. Garreth the chef came out to talk to us and we took some photos with him on the famous staircase. It was all very fancy and we felt like we were sitting in first class!

What did you have to eat and what was your favourite sweet treat?!

Eimear: I ate the beautiful mini scones – they were delicious! They were also my favourite because I love scones. They were served with jam and cream and we asked for more! I feasted on those and had a lovely cup of tea. We also had roast beef sandwiches, chicken wraps, mini trifles, eclairs and lots of other delicious treats.

Matthew: The savoury selection had three types of sandwiches. These were cheese and ham, chicken and chocolate spread. I really liked the cheese and ham sandwiches! My favourite sweet treat from my trays was the chocolate brownie. It was so chocolately and delicious! We also had amazing hot chocolate with our food.

Eimear Fallon and family enjoy Mother's Day Afternoon Tea at Titanic Belfast

What was your or your family's favourite part of Afternoon Tea? 

Eimear: My mum’s favourite part was coming in and looking around at the beautiful room with the famous staircase, while my dad loved the views from the top of the Titanic building. My brother loved the staircase and looking down at the view of the room and my sister loved all the beautiful food!

Matthew: I had two favourite parts from the day. The first was the amazing food and the second was going up to The Bridge suite after eating - it was cool to be at the height of the Titanic! My mum liked the Afternoon Tea because it was a special thing to do on Mother's Day and my sister loved the hot chocolate.

Lastly, would you recommend it to your friends?

Eimear: I would recommend Sunday Afternoon Tea to everyone because it is a wonderful experience and feels like a very special treat! You will also be made very welcome.

Matthew: I would recommend Afternoon Tea because the food is very tasty and you get to eat it all in front of the Grand Staircase!

Find out more about our Sunday Afternoon Tea or come along and try our special Easter Afterrnon Tea this weekend! 


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