Titanic Belfast wins EFQM Ireland Excellence Award!

27th March

Awards, Corporate, TB Team Titanic Belfast's Senior Management Team with the Ireland Excellence Award from EFQM

Titanic Belfast are delighted to have won the Ireland Excellence Award from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM)!

The EFQM Excellence Award is one of Europe’s most prestigious award for organisational excellence and is awarded only to organisations who can demonstrate the highest operational standards across all facets of its business. Titanic Belfast is now recognised amongst the leading companies in Europe.

A team of 3 assessors from EFQM visited Titanic Belfast to review its procedures and practices in innovation, excellence, continuous development and policies to maintain its achievements. The team commended Titanic Belfast’s efforts which contribute to realising its vision.
The Centre for Competitiveness’ Chief Executive Bob Barbour commented: “We are delighted to award Titanic Belfast with the Ireland Excellence Award, as it recognises its success at building best practice and embedding excellence into their organisation. It also showcases the company as a role model to other organisations within the tourism and hospitality sector.”

TBL International Chief Executive, Judith Owens, commented, “In seven years, Titanic Belfast has welcomed over 5 million visitors from over 145 countries, including Her Majesty The Queen, USA Presidential candidate of State Hillary Clinton and the discoverer of Titanic, Dr Robert Ballard, hosted 2,000 events, and won the prestigious World Leading Tourist Attraction title bringing the title to Ireland for the first time ever. This award is very special to us as it recognises the company, our practices internally and externally across all areas as our business, as best practice nationally and internationally, therefore we are extremely proud of this.”

Titanic Belfast Staff Celebrate EFQM Award

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