SS Nomadic is on the lookout for a Petit Pâtisserie Chef!

11th May

Learning, Maritime History, SS Nomadic, Workshops Is your child the ‘Icing on the Cake’ or the ‘Crème de la Crème’ when it comes to baking? Then, SS Nomadic’s Petit Pâtisserie Chef competition is one for them!

Titanic Belfast and SS Nomadic look for Petit Pâtisserie Chef

The 31st May marks the day SS Nomadic left Belfast 105 years ago, to celebrate the anniversary, it is looking for a Petit Pâtisserie Chef (aged between 8 -12 years old) to design a cake that showcases Nomadic’s exciting and turbulent past to be in with a chance to win a trip on-board with their class! 

Over the years, 31st May marks a day of great historical significance for SS Nomadic. Originally over 100,000 people gathered in Belfast, from as far as America, to mark the occasion when it alongside, its sister ship Traffic and RMS Olympic left Belfast and RMS Titanic was launched. Last year, it was reunited with Titanic Belfast and this year, it is fully open for school groups.   

SS Nomadic now offers guided tours and two workshops for Key Stage 2 pupils, ‘New Beginnings’ which focuses on European emigration in the early 20th century and ‘Get the Message’, which allows pupils to explore and experiment with different methods of communication, including those used on the SS Nomadic and Titanic. These workshops are part of Titanic Belfast’s learning programme, which is recognised as a leading learning resource and has welcomed over 100,000 participants since its opening in 2012.

To win a guided tour of SS Nomadic and one of the workshops on-board for their primary school class, the cake top design must celebrate the vessel as an authentic piece of Belfast’s industrial maritime history, from its launch 105 years ago, with a career spanning from serving Titanic, WW1 and WW11, to tendering celebrities such as Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor to its role today as a visitor attraction and a learning facility. The prize also includes £250 towards transport for the class.

To enter, please download the form below and return it by email to c[email protected] or by post to Petit Pâtisserie Chef Competition, Titanic Belfast, 1 Olympic Way, Queen’s Road, Belfast, BT39EP before 23rd May 2016.

Petit Pâtisserie Application Form

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