A Magical Christmas Experience for our Junior Explorers!

30th November

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Our Junior Explorer Thomas and his family got into the festive spirt with us at Titanic Belfast recently as we set them the task of reviewing our Magical Christmas Experience!

Have a read all about it and check out his photos below…

Thomas Costello - Junior Explorer at Titanic Belfast

Name: Thomas Costello

Age: 9

From: Holywood


Firstly, tell us about who you brought along to enjoy the Magical Christmas Experience with you, and what did you all think when you arrived at Titanic Belfast?

Thomas: I went with my Mum, Dad, brother and sister. My mum and dad loved the Christmas lights in the Atrium and outside the Titanic building as they were so pretty. I felt totally blown away! It really felt like it was Christmas because of the amazing lights and decorations and I also felt proud to have been invited there. Everyone was wearing Christmas jumpers and t-shirts, so that added to the festive feeling!

Tell us what you first saw when you went into the Magical Christmas Experience!

Thomas: It was set up like an old street with shops, but it felt really magical as the shops were beautifully painted and had twinkly lights! There were old lampposts and snow everywhere, and the staff in costumes made it all feel real. The street encouraged you to walk through it, trying all the fun activities on your way, until you reached Santa at the end.

Thomas Costello reviews a Magical Christmas Experience at Titanic Belfast

Tell us about what you all got up to before visiting Father Christmas?!

Thomas: The first thing we did was write our letter to Santa (we had brought rough lists with us!) Then we posted it in a special postbox that was painted red and gold. We did Christmas arts and crafts and made little reindeer decorations to take home for our tree. The girl who showed us how to make these was really nice. Then we moved on to do Christmas colouring and play games like connect four and jenga, which were all made out of wood and felt really traditional. There was also a movie room to watch a Christmas movie which helped to pass the time while we were waiting for Santa!

Sounds like fun! What happened when the bell rang and you were called to see Father Christmas?!

Thomas: Mrs Claus checked for our names in the Naughty or Nice book. This made me really nervous and I was so relieved when she found mine on the nice list! She had to check twice for my little brother, but we all breathed a sigh of relief that he was on the nice list too! Then there was a big explosion of snow just outside Santa’s shop. It was so much fun and showered right over our heads!

Tell us about your visit to the Old Curiosity Shop - what did you ask Father Christmas for this year?!

Thomas: I felt a bit nervous going in, but also really excited...Father Christmas was really kind and he looked brilliant, with a white bushy beard. He was especially nice to my little sister, and told her he knew how she really was such a good and helpful girl! I asked him for a metal detector and a set of walkie talkies and he told me I would get them on Christmas morning if I kept being well-behaved!

Thomas Costello reviews A Magical Christmas Experience at Titanic Belfast

What was your favourite part of our Magical Christmas Experience?

Thomas: I really enjoyed meeting Father Christmas. He was really funny and his curiosity shop was old-fashioned and cosy. We also got a great souvenir photo to take home and they gave us three, one for each of our bedrooms!
My brother really enjoyed the traditional games and the snow, although when it showered down on us, some went up his nose and in his mouth as I think it was open in surprise! This made us all laugh. My sister liked the colouring in table and she also wrote a really neat letter to Father Christmas!

Finally, would you recommend the experience…?

Thomas: Yes I would recommend it because it is magical, special and a fun family event. The adults get tea and coffee and a mince pie, and the children get juice and a biscuit, and there are games and activities for people of all ages. The whole experience made me feel so Christmassy!


Find out more about our Magical Christmas Experience and book now to make memories to last a lifetime! 


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