Afternoon Tea Gets Titanic Thumbs Up From Junior Explorers!

13th October

Afternoon Tea, Junior Explorer

Last Sunday we invited our fabulous Junior Explorers and their families to visit Titanic Belfast and set them the task of reviewing our new Autumn Afternoon Tea menu!

Have a read all about their experience below…

Titanic Belfast's Junior Explorer Thomas Costello

Name: Thomas Costello

Age: 9

From: Holywood

Cora Walsh

Name: Cora Walsh

Age: 8

From: Dromore

Firstly, tell us about who you brought along to help you review Sunday Afternoon Tea, and what did you do to prepare for your visit?  

Thomas: I went with my Mum, Dad and siblings! We all dressed up because my Mum wanted us to look smart. I like looking smart and tidy anyway, but my brother doesn’t! I wore a stripy blazer and had a cool pocket square. It was a nice day so I wore shorts and my converse trainers.

Cora: I went to Afternoon Tea with my Mum & Dad, my two brothers and my Nana. My whole family dressed up because it was a special occasion and it was my first Afternoon Tea. My wee brother Mark was very funny because he told Mummy he had to wear his best shirt!

How did you feel when you arrived at Titanic Belfast?!

Thomas: I felt nervous and excited because I have never had afternoon tea before…I have seen pictures of it but I didn’t really know what to expect. I was really hungry too and couldn’t wait for the food! All the staff were really nice and made a big fuss of us so we felt that it was a special occasion.

Cora: I felt excited going to Titanic Belfast because I had never been for Afternoon Tea before. I was happy my Nana could come too and I think my brothers were even more excited than me because Mummy told them there was buns and cakes!

Cora Walsh Junior Explorer

Tell us what you saw when you went into the Titanic Suite for Sunday Afternoon Tea…

Thomas: It was in a big function room with the Grand Staircase at the front…it felt like you were actually on the Titanic in First Class! There was a band next to the Grand Staircase and the view from high up made it feel like you were looking out of the ship on to the water.

Cora: When we arrived the ballroom was all set up for Afternoon Tea, it looked very fancy! When we sat at our table my brother said "Is this what First Class would have been like?" The staircase is beautiful and we got to take photos on it. I loved how we each got our own table settings with the White Star logo the same as they would have been on the ship and I loved how everyone got their own food and the staff told us we didn't have to share!

Afternoon Tea at Titanic Belfast


You visited during our Autumn seasonal menu, so tell us about what you had to eat and drink - what was your favourite sweet treat?!

Thomas: There were too many to count! I loved the chocolate cake and the scones. My brother ate everyone’s apple crumbles and Nutella éclairs! I had a gorgeous mixed berry lemonade to drink, my sister had a vanilla milkshake and my brother had a chocolate babycino…we all tried each other’s because they were so nice! All the kids had chicken, ham and cheese and Nutella sandwiches - the Nutella ones were my favourite. Mum and Dad had fancy sandwiches like roast beef and smoked salmon - they loved them!

Cora: The children got their own menu so we got chicken sandwiches, ham & cheese sandwiches and CHOCOLATE sandwiches! The adults had salmon sandwiches, Nana said they were lovely but I didn't like the look of them!

We had lots of little desserts, there was a doughnut with custard inside, chocolate cake, chocolate éclair, and a little apple crumble. The doughnut was my favourite because I didn’t expect the custard inside, it was really tasty! We also got a choice of Lemonade, Chocolate Babychino or Vanilla Milkshake. My brothers chose the hot chocolate drink but I chose the milkshake – it was the nicest milkshake I ever tasted!!

Cora Walsh at Titanic Belfast

Did you meet the chef or chat to our staff during your visit?

Thomas: Yes! I met Chef Chris and took a picture with him! Shannon was really nice to us too - she pointed out lots of cool sights and told us all sorts of interesting facts about Titanic.

Cora: The staff looked really cool, they were all dressed up in olden day uniforms and were very friendly, especially John…he knew lots of really good facts about the Titanic! He told us he loves sharing the story of Belfast with visitors from all over the world and said he's very proud of Belfast and Titanic!

Thomas Costello and Family at Sunday Afternoon Tea

What was your favourite part of Afternoon Tea and would you recommend it to your friends?

Thomas: My favourite part was when the 3 layer plate arrived in front of me. I just thought ‘WOW’!

Yes I would definitely recommend it for a special event like a birthday. The band sing to you and your name comes up on a big screen to welcome you and the adults can have champagne! It is also really good for kids because there is a special menu and you each get 3 layer plate and don’t have to share your favourite cakes if you don’t want to!

Cora: The milkshake was my favourite! But I also loved seeing what it would have been like to eat and drink on board Titanic, it really does feel like you’re in First Class!

I would recommend Afternoon Tea because it really was a lovely way to spend the day with my family. The staff are so friendly and make you feel really special, there were a few times Happy Birthday was sang to somebody - I think it would be a lovely birthday treat!

Cora Walsh at Afternoon Tea

Tell us what your family thought about the experience…

Thomas: My mum loved the atmosphere in the room and my Dad liked seeing the amazing views all over Belfast. My brother and sister loved all the cakes…we all really liked the food!

Cora: Mummy said all the desserts were her favourite, she loves anything sweet! Nana spent the whole time saying "This is just so lovely" so I think she liked everything about it and enjoyed it as a special treat. Daddy said his favourite part was talking to John because he answered lots of questions and was really interesting…but Daddy says he never got to find out how they kept the milk fresh on Titanic!

  Thomas Costello at Titanic Belfast    Thomas Costello at Afternoon Tea

Find out more about our Autumn menu at Sunday Afternoon Tea or come along and try it for yourself this weekend! 


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