Belfast Titanic Society

About The Society...

Formed in 1992 to reflect Titanic’s unique link with Belfast, the society's aim is to research, commemorate and perpetuate the story of how Belfast came to build the largest and most luxurious liners the world had ever seen. The Belfast Titanic Society is the only Titanic Society in the world to meet on a regular basis, in addition to special events held throughout the year, while members receive regular society magazines and a host of other benefits.

The society has come to be known as NI’s foremost experts on all aspects of Titanic and her time in Belfast. Co-founder Stephen Cameron has published numerous works on Titanic and brought substantial amounts of new research to the public for the first time, while other members of the society are called upon by the national and international press when expert commentary is required. Should you be interested in joining the society please contact us on [email protected] or via our website.