On This Day

25 September


1886 Stanmore

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The 1,824-ton iron sailing ship Stanmore (Yard No. 195) was delivered today to W. J. Myers, Sons & Co. (see: 14 August 1886)


1943 Pampas launch

The 8,244-ton cargo ship Pampas (Yard No. 1149) was launched today for Royal Mail Lines Ltd., London. Originally laid down as Parramatta, the vessel’s name was changed to Pampas (II) in honour of those crew members that lost their lives in the bombing and destruction of the first Pampas during the siege of Malta in March 1942. (See: On This Day 2 November 1940).


1896 Comic

The 903-ton cross-channel ship Comic (Yard No. 306) was delivered today to the Belfast Steamship Co.


1944 TF12

The landing ship TF12 (Yard No. 1295) was delivered today to the Admiralty. The 4,157-ton vessel was part of a batch order of ten similar vessels.