Ship Fact Files


Owner: Oceanic Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. (White Star Line)

Ship Name:


Vessel type: Passenger ship

Official No: 70932

Harland & Wolff Ltd,
Queen's Island,

Yard No: 85

Laid down: n/r

Launched: 15 July 1874

Handed over: 24 April 1875

Port & Date of Registry: Liverpool, 19 April 1875

Managing Owner & Address:
William Samuel Graves,
10 Water Street,


Number of Decks: 3

Number of Masts: 4

Rigged: Barque

Stern: Elliptical

Build: Clencher

Framework & Description of Vessel: Iron

Number of Bulkheads: 8 (and 1 partial bulkhead)

Number of water ballast tanks: 1 (as refitted)


Length: 455.0 ft

Breadth: 45.2 ft

Depth: 33.7 ft

Gross Registered Tonnage: 5,070.51


Engine Builder: Maudslay, Sons & Field, Westminster Road, Lambeth, London

Engine Type: Compound inverted direct acting surface condensing

Cylinders: 2 X 48; 2 X 83 inches

Stroke: 60 inches

Nominal Horse Power: 760


Description: Elliptical multi-tubular

Number: 8

Iron or Steel: Iron

Pressure when loaded: 214lbs

Screw: Single

Speed: 17ΒΌ knots

Signal Letters: M. F. P. K.


Germanic, and her older sister ship Britannic (Yard No. 83), formed the backbone of White Star's express mail and passenger service from Liverpool to New York via Queenstown. For almost twenty years the two vessels reigned supreme setting speed records and in the case of Germanic in February 1876 she took the 'Atlantic record' with a passage of 7 days, 15 hours and 17 minutes at an average speed of 15.79 knots. In 1895, after she had made 211 voyages and steamed over 1.5 million miles, she returned to Belfast where her old compound engines were replaced by a new pair of three-crank triple expansions. Her hull and superstructure were found to be in perfect condition despite the rigours of the North Atlantic, and were sufficient testimony to her strength of construction and soundness of design which earned the builders the reputation that 'Belfast built is well built.'