Launch Day Tickets

RMS Titanic VIP Launch Ticket

An extremely rare VIP ticket for the launch of RMS Titanic which still has its perforated stub is on display in the Launch gallery in the Titanic Experience.

The recipient of this ticket no. 1342, Captain Alexander Matier, was unable to attend the launch. According to Henry Aldridge & Sons it is said to be one of the most desirable launch tickets and is believed to be the only one of this calibre known.

Original Ticket for RMS Titanic's Launch

RMS Titanic VIP Launch Ticket Stub

This ticket stub, No. 116, was issued to Charlotte Brennan, a Harland and Wolff employee. The reverse of the stub contains shorthand manuscript notes (presumably added by Brennan) with details of the disaster. Memorabilia relating to the launch is very unusual but it is exceptionally rare to offer a ticket stub that can be directly traced to the individual who attended the launch with an intimate connection to Titanic’s construction.

Charlotte Brennan's RMS Titanic Launch Day Ticket Stub