Lord Pirrie's Watch

The 18ct. gold pocket watch that was the personal property of Lord William James Alexander Pirrie, Chairman of Harland and Wolff, is on display in the Titanic Experience Launch gallery. 

Pirrie had a reputation for overseeing all elements of construction and it was together with J. Bruce Ismay that he conceived the idea of the Olympic Class of liners. 

The watch is fully hallmarked 1890 and is engraved 'W.J.A. Pirrie'.

It is quite likely that Lord Pirrie was wearing it during the period of Titanic's construction, possibly at the famous meeting of summer 1907 at Downshire House in Belgravia where the plans for Olympic, Titanic and Britannic were first formulated, as well being likely that Pirrie wore the watch at Titanic's launch.

The watch carries a watchmaker's stamp for Robert Neill of Belfast, a very well respected Jeweller and watchmaker, together with the name of the retailer James Morrison.

Lord Pirrie's Watch at Titanic Belfast