Get The Message

8 - 12 Years

Get The Message

45-60 Minute Workshop   |   8-12 Years Old   |   KS2 & SEN   |   Available All Year

Formerly known as 'Dit and Dah', Get the Message allows pupils to explore and experiment with different methods of communication, including those used on Titanic herself. Taking place onboard SS Nomadic, pupils will try their hand at signal flags, semaphore and morse code. Pupils who take our Get the Message workshop will leave with a richer understanding of one area of Titanic’s story. They will have the opportunity to consider the pros, cons and limitations of the maritime communication methods used in the past after experimenting with their delivery. Get the message will encourage your pupils to put into correct perspective the modern communication methods they take for granted.

Key Highlights:

  • Takes Place in SS Nomadic's Engine Room
  • Great for Teamwork and Communication
  • Develop Thinking and Personal Capabilities


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