My Friend Bear

4 - 6 Years

My Friend Bear - Titanic Belfast Learning Workshop

60 Minute Experience   |   4-6 Years Old   |   SEN   |   Available January - March

Douglas Spedden was a real boy who travelled on RMS Titanic with his parents and his beloved polar bear toy. This story inspired our new workshop where our boy relies on ‘Bear’ to be his best friend who will offer company as well as words of encouragement and wisdom. He tends to project his feelings onto Bear but between them they work out the right path to take.

Spread over three sections of our galleries and including a juice and cookie ‘morning tea’, My Friend Bear is an experience where your pupils will enjoy story time, a chance to explore their emotional vocabulary, play games and encourage each other. Developed with PDMU guidelines, in mind this workshop will offer you the opportunity to cover a variety of cross curricular areas with your pupils in a fun and stimulating environment.

Key Highlights:

  • PDMU
  • Develop Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities
  • Includes Morning Tea On Board SS Nomadic


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