My Granda's Piece Tin

6 - 8 Years

My Granda's Piece Tin

2 Hour Experience   |   6-8 Years Old   |   KS1 & SEN   |   Available October - April

My Granda’s Piece Tin is a special workshop and tailored gallery experience where pupils will explore the lives of the youngest workers in Harland and Wolff. Your pupils will enjoy the personal stories of the shipyards, compare their packed lunch with the contents of the apprentices’ ‘piece tins’ before taking off on their own apprenticeship journey.

Dressed appropriately they’ll make their way through the shipyard, up the gantry and finally launch a ship into Belfast Lough!

Key Highlights:

  • Learn about Belfast's Shipyards
  • Tour and Workshop Combined
  • Become Shipyard Apprentices


My Granda's Piece Tin Rationale Key Stage One

My Granda's Piece Tin Rationale 1st and 2nd Class ROI

My Granda's Piece Tin Rationale 3rd and 4th Class ROI 


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