New Beginnings

8-12 Years

New Beginnings Education Workshop

45-60 Minute Workshop   |   8-12 Year Olds   |   KS2   |   Available All Year

The story of Titanic and her tender ship Nomadic are inextricably entwined with that of European emigration to America. As we try to imagine the emotions of the men, women and children who had made such a brave decision; to leave all they knew behind and risk everything in the hope of improving their futures, we are faced with the question; how would I have felt?

New Beginnings offers students the opportunity, through a range of structured activities, to empathise with young European emigrants of the early 20th Century. The workshop includes a personal and cultural identity craft, a suitcase packing activity as pupils make some tough decisions about what they would bring, and a reflection on the reasons for migration, then and now. New Beginnings is the perfect complement to our Brave New World guided experience but can equally be booked as a stand alone activity or with any gallery experience.

Key Highlights:
  • On-Board SS Nomadic
  • Emigration Focus
  • Take Home Craft Creations


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