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13 December


1974 Lotorium - supertanker

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The 138,037-ton supertanker Lotorium (Yard No. 1694) was floated out today for Broughton Navigation Co. Ltd., Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd.


1894 Scotsman - a first class cattle boat

The 6,041-ton cargo ship Scotsman (Yard No. 289) was launched this morning from the north end of the yard for Richard Mills & Co., Liverpool (Warren Line).

Scotsman was built to run between Liverpool and Boston and was specially designed ‘for the safe and efficient’ carrying of cattle and dead meat from the United States.

Her dimensions were: Length, 470 feet; Breadth of Beam, 49 feet. A house on the upper deck contained the captain’s room, chartroom and wheelhouse, there was a second wheelhouse on the poop. The bridge house contained the saloon, accommodation for officers and, engineers, firemen and seamen, while the quarters for the cattlemen were under the forecastle in in the upper t’ween deck forward. Fitted with four steel pole masts and with all the equipment necessary for handling cargo, including a complete installation of electric light throughout, Scotsman was a typical example of the first-class cargo boats being constructed by Harland & Wolff at this time.