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08 August


1922 White Star's Doric

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The 16,484-ton passenger ship Doric (Yard No. 573) was launched today for the Oceanic Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. (White Star Line). The vessel was originally laid down with the name Calgary and was intended to have been operated under the Dominion Line house flag. 


1865 Launched and delivered on the same day

An un-named shearsfloat (Yard No. 35) was launched and delivered today to Dublin Corporation today. 


1895 American

The 8,196-ton cargo ship American (Yard No. 294) was launched from the southern end of Queen’s Island today for the West Indian & Pacific Steamship Co Ltd., Liverpool.

She was designed to operate on the Company’s Liverpool to New Orleans service and was by far the largest cargo carrier employed in that trade. The vessel, at 475 feet in length, was fitted with four pole masts and schooner-rigged.

She was equipped with the latest appliances for working the ship and cargo as well as a complete installation of electric light. Her machinery consisted of two sets of triple-expansion engines, constructed by Harland & Wolff in their engineering works at the Abercorn Basin near to where American was completed.


1942 Empire Bombardier

The 8,202-ton ‘Ocean’ type tanker Empire Fusilier (Yard No. 1158) was launched today for the Ministry of War Transport.

The vessel was delivered to her managing owners, Dodd, Thompson & Co under the name Empire Bombardier.